Ceramics (Sara Meadows, Alan Bennett, and more)

Cornell University Student


Hand-crafted ceramic balloon person by Sara Meadows.

5½"h x 5"w x 4½"d

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About the artist:
Sara Meadows hand-crafts her lovable “Balloon People” and "Balloon Animals" in her studio near Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Each of her ceramic sculptures starts as a slab of red clay which is either wrapped around an inflated balloon, draped over a hump mold, or rolled up into a cone to create a variety of forms. These simple shapes are then transformed by Sara into a broad range of subjects including barn animals, cats and dogs and dragons. Two kiln firings and the application of stoneware glazes complete the transition from clay to finished artwork. Pieces can be displayed outside but should be protected from freezing conditions. Sara particularly enjoys making custom balloon people to reflect an individual’s profession, hobbies, school affiliation, pets or whatever. Contact the Gallery via phone or e-mail to order your personalized ceramic sculpture. Allow two to three weeks for custom requests.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

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