About Us

Creations Gallery, aka Creations Fine American Craft (formerly “Creations Fine Woodworking Gallery”) features the contemporary works of over 150 American and Canadian artisans. Originally specializing in woodcraft, Creations has steadily broadened its focus over the past twenty-five years to include a more diverse selection of contemporary American craft media including jewelry, glass, ceramics, metal, and paper.

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Following a successful 20-year career as a research/consulting scientist at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, John Sherman opened Creations Fine Woodworking Gallery in 1992.

Sherman, with degrees from Hamilton College (BA), University of Vermont (MS) and the University of Delaware (PhD), decided it was time to let the right side of his brain have sway over his “second life.” Inspiration for the gallery came from a family background in small business, a woodworking hobby and a desire to “rail against the homogenization of our society where chain stores and giant, vacuous superstores have spread across the nation like a plague.” Opening in 1992 with six furniture makers, the gallery now features a large number of U.S. and Canadian artisans representing a broad range of crafts ranging from aesthetic to purely functional work.

The original site for the gallery was a renovated, historic snuff mill in Yorklyn, Delaware. After three years in the mill building, Creations moved to a smaller but more accessible location in Greenville. In 1999, Creations moved to Hockessin, taking advantage of a 2-story building specifically designed as gallery space.  Responding to impending local disruption caused by major road improvements near Hockessin Corner, Sherman made a decision in early 2009 to move the gallery to the Shoppes at Louviers in Newark, Delaware.  With road work completed, and the town of Hockessin once again a vibrant, desirable shopping area, Creations Gallery has returned to Hockessin Corner, home of the Back Burner Restaurant, just a few feet away from their original Hockessin location.