Deborah Bushinski
birch jewelry

Jewelry designer Deborah Bushinski designs Tessoro Jewelry to feature the natural beauty of birch bark. The bark used is salvaged from the northern Minnesota logging industry. The bark is then cut or torn and coated with an acrylic polymer to add to its durability. The copper is recycled from car radiators. Semi-precious stones, sterling beads, freshwater pearls, and turquoise nuggets are used sparingly to enhance the designs. In her studio in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Deb carefully chooses her materials and maintains the integrity and demanding level of fine craftsmanship you expect in each piece.

“My background as a painter brings a visual richness to my jewelry design. The color and textures of many natural and salvaged materials, birchbark, lichens and copper are juxtaposed for a striking yet harmonious result. Precious metals and gemstones are employed as elements of color and bring structure to the compositions.”

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.