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Turned Suspended Form


Lending natural beauty to anywhere it is displayed, this turned sculpture by Eric Reeves is one-of-a-kind. The walls of the turning are very thin and delicate, and exquisite to the touch. The finish is Danish oil (heat-rubbed into the wood), followed by hand-rubbing with a combination of carnauba and beeswax in a light solvent, leaving a very light and transparent quality.

  • Turned from myrtle burl, African blackwood

  • Measures 10¾"h × 2½"diam

  • Signed and dated by the artist

  • Item #58258

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About the artist:
Eric Reeves is both a professor of English at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts, and a woodturner passionately committed to his craft, specializing in intricate inlay designs and classic ogee profile turnings. His work is represented in fine galleries throughout the country. Eric returned to woodturning more than a quarter century after his introduction to the craft but he has turned the professional success of those intervening years to a distinctive advantage. The financial security offered by his teaching profession enables him to contribute all profits he realizes from gallery sales to local and national human service organizations. Eric's distinctive inlaying technique takes the form of setting a ring of one wood in a perfectly cut notch of another (complementary) wood, producing a seamless joint. The word ogee derives from the term for characteristic "s"-curves in the molds for ogives, or cathedral groin-ribs — in other words, it is ultimately an architectural term.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.