Wood (Jerry Krider, Paul Sumner, Peter Chapman and more)

Square 15" Bowl


Inspired by a wooden wind spinner, Rob Jones creates beautiful, durable, eye-catching bowls out of Baltic Birch wood. Use them for fruit, candy, plant-pot bases, or even glass pillar candle holders!

  • Measures 5¼"h × 18¾"diameter

  • Item #58250

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About the artist:
Rob Jones is a modern day renaissance man. Woodcarver, mathematician, illustrator, inventor, engineer, and entrepreneur, and at only 38 he’s just getting started. A spiral wooden wind spinner that was hanging off of the corner of his mother’s woodshed inspired the design, and the idea quickly grew. Rob’s wooden baskets are computer designed, laser cut, and hand assembled at his in-home studio in Maine. A concentric pattern is laser cut from one flat piece of wood with hardly any waste, then hand-glued into the eye catching baskets you see. They make great gifts for someone special or as an indulgence for yourself.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.