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"FW" Ikebana


Joe Kovecses' most recognizable designs are his ikebana floral planters, crafted from exotic hardwoods, all of which exhibit a strong Asian influence. Each piece has the aesthetics of fine sculpture with the functionality of an ikebana arrangement.

  • Made from: Birdseye maple,Ebiara
  • Measures 2½"h × 6¼"w × 4¾"d
  • Flowers not included
  • Item #56988

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About the artist:
Born and raised in the beautiful Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, Joe Kovecses developed a deep appreciation and love of nature. After studying architectural drafting he worked as a builder. During that time he discovered a passion for working with exotic woods and applied his knowledge of architectural design to create a refreshingly new approach to woodworking, attempting to capture natural shapes and colors and compliment them with his own ideas. Joe has been working with exotic woods for nearly three decades, creating a distinctly unique assortment of items incorporating the idea of form following function.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.