Wood (Jerry Krider, Paul Sumner, Peter Chapman and more)

Bear with Hidden Beehive


Peter Chapman has developed a unique technique of cutting a single piece of wood into a three-dimensional interlocking puzzle. The result is an animal that articulates and moves like the creature it represents.

  • Made from: walnut, maple

  • Hidden beehive inside

  • Measures 6"h × 2¼"w × 11"d

  • Item #57461

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About the artist:
Peter Chapman's career in woodworking grew out of a background in architecture and design. A native of Southwest Virgina, he studied architecture at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. In 1969, he met and went to work for George Nakashima in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Peter credits the years spent at Nakashima's studio for much of his appreciation for wood and meticulous joinery. Then in 1975, Peter returned to the Blue Ridge Mountains to establish his own wood-working studio. There on Bent Mountain, in a barn surrounded by apple orchards, he creates his own unique style of furniture and sculpture, including his popular three-dimensional puzzle animals. Peter's puzzles have been featured on television and in many magazines and newspapers. He has also received numerous awards for his original, copyrighted designs.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.