Jewelry (Chickenscratch, Ellen Kelly, Deb Brilla, and more)

Fast Food Pendant


Created by Lisa and Scott Cylinder, Chickenscratch is a unique line of handmade, narrative craft jewelry. Their jewelry is made using non-ferrous metals such as brass, nickel silver, and copper, and then hand cut and manipulated. Other materials also include enamels, plastics, and found objects.

  • Contains real birdseed!

  • 30" Chain

  • Pendant measures about 3¼"h × 1½"w

  • Item #56851

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About the artist:
Founded in 1988 by Lisa and Scott Cylinder, Chickenscratch is a sophisticated, intelligent and fun line of handmade craft jewelry. Most of their jewelry is made from brass sheet and wire that is hand cut and manipulated, often incorporating copper and sterling silver. With formal training in jewelry and metalsmithing, Lisa and Scott have developed a unique patination process that enables them to achieve the rich blue/black, violet, mocha and amber colors found on much of their work. They also use bright, semitransparent enamel paint over raw brass and plated elements adding bold accents of color to the more earthy tones of the patinas and metals.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.