Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you ship outside of the U.S. (internationally)?
    • Due to high shipping costs we do not normally ship overseas. However we are working on items as a case by case basis. So if you are interested, just send us an e-mail [] with your shipping details and which piece you are interested in, and we will get back to you with a shipping price estimate.
  2. What is your return policy?
    • For local customers: bring in the original receipt and we will credit the refund back to you.
    • For all other customers: if for some reason you are not satisfied with your gift purchase, just give the store a call [302-235-2310] to arrange for return of item(s) and credit.
  3. I am an artist and would like to showcase my art in your store, how should I contact you?
    • We do not consign items. If you are interested in wholesaling your product please e-mail us photos and pricing. If we are interested we will contact you, but please keep in mind we have to be very particular on what types of pieces we bring in as to not compete with our current artists.
  4. There was an item I was interested in, but it says sold out, can I still order it?
    • Yes! Some items may vary slightly from what you have seen depending on the artist. Most items typically take 2-4 weeks to reorder, it all depends on how busy the artist is. Please keep in mind exact order times can be out of our control.
  5. Can I order a custom product?
    • This varies by artist. Most artists do not offer special ordering, however some artists are able to customize. Please just give the store a call with any inquiries.
  6. I saw something in your store/main website/Pinterest, but do not see it on your catalog, can it be shipped?
    • We carry a large inventory of items that you may not find on the catalog, such as items too large or unable to be shipped. For some smaller items that can be shipped, just give the store a call (shipping charges may apply), otherwise please visit the gallery.
  7. Can I place my order over the phone? I would rather not enter my information online.
    • No problem! We can accept all major credit cards over the phone, keeping your private information safe and secure.