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Ceramic Wall Hanging by David Stabley

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David Stabley 04

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"I am interested in telling stories about dreams and fantasy, and inviting the viewer to participate in my work."

Ceramic artist David Stabley has been working with clay for over 30 years. His current work is inspired by dream imagery and his desire to create fantasy situations. He is fascinated by the mysteries of the universe and inspired by works of Marc Chagall, Grant Wood, and Pablo Picasso. Clay has always been a major driving force in Stabley's life. He has a house and studio in rural Pennsylvania along with his artist-wife, Deb Fleck-Stabley, and two children.

Stabley uses an earthenware clay body that is fired to 1900 degrees. All of his work is hand drawn and low-relief carved. After the firing, color is applied to the surface with a permanent wax-based patina. These metallic colors are very durable and can be cleaned with water and a soft cloth.

He started to work with clay in high school, learning the basic throwing methods. His interests increased during his undergraduate study at Millersville University in Pennsylvania, where he focused primarily on ceramics, printmaking, and drawing. He started to combine his drawings and ceramics in graduate school. In 1984, Stabley and his wife moved back to Pennsylvania and set up their own studio. They have been working together in the same studio for over 25 years, making and selling their creative work to galleries and the public.