Collectors' Corner

Woodturning by Eric Reeves

Piece is signed:
Eric Reeves 2016

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Eric Reeves’ woodturning career began while he was a teenager growing up in South Pasadena, California. Inspired by an otherwise dull junior high school film about furniture-making in colonial Williamsburg, he was completely taken with the working of a spindle lathe. Within a year he had equipped a small workshop with a rudimentary lathe and basic woodturning tools.

It was more than twenty-five years later that family and professional life (he is a professor of English at Smith College) permitted Eric to return with seriousness to his boyhood hobby. During the passage of time,  woodturning had established itself fully as a serious craft art. Turners such as Bert Marsh, David Ellsworth, Richard Raffan, John Jordan, Mike Schuler, and others had set extraordinary technical and aesthetic standards.

Eric’s response to the challenges was to emulate, but also to attempt technically distinctive work and to establish his own design sense. He would be the first to acknowledge his indebtedness to many fine woodturners, including Lane Philips of Provo, Utah. But he also takes pride in the fact that his work has previously appeared in the  fine craft galleries where artistic woodturning is particularly featured, including the del Mano Gallery (Los Angeles), the Snyderman Gallery (Philadelphia), and the Northwest Gallery of Fine Woodworking (Seattle).

One feature of Eric’s gallery work is unique:  all profits he receives, from all sales, are donated to humanitarian relief organizations working in greater Sudan.