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Whale Carvings by Wendy Lichtensteiger

Piece is signed:
Lichtensteiger 2015

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Wendy's truly magnificent whale carvings are the result of a series of apprenticeships dating back many years. These fabulous sculptures were made famous by Wick Ahrens an accomplished painter and sculptor who for years was the proprietor of the Whales of Vermont Gallery in Weston, Vermont. Wick was a student of Clark Voorhees of Old Lyme, Connecticut a well known carver of whales and birds who, in turn was the son of Clark Greenwood Voorhees, an American Impressionist and one of the founders of the Old Lyme Art Colony. Wick learned the finer points of carving from Clark and years later, while studying art at the San Francisco Art Institute, realized sculpture was his calling. Remembering his Vermont mentor, Wick made early attempts copying Clark's whales then went much further with experimental techniques that ultimately led to his incredibly realistic whales finished in acrylic. After many successful years in California, including creating the world's largest whale sculpture "Gray Whale and Calf" now on display at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center in Santa Cruz, Wick moved to Vermont and continued to grow his business. In 2012, Wick's health began to suffer and he asked Wendy to help him in his shop. Having been carving birds for over thirteen years, Wick appreciated her knowledge of wood and her skill with tools. Wendy and Wick worked closely together for two years during which time Wendy perfected his highly specialized techniques. Wick's health forced him to retire in 2014 at which time he asked Wendy to take over his business and continue the tradition that had its roots so many years before. Wendy has carried on since Wick's passing in 2016. Wick and Wendy's whales are now instantly recognizable and grace homes throughout New England.