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Rainbow Trout


Influenced by experiences in and around the water, Alan and Rosemary Bennett start the process with a series of sketches. The piece is sculpted from stoneware or porcelain clay, then it is hollowed out and porcelain teeth and eyes are added. The creature is bisque fired, glazes are applied, and lastly it is fired in one of three ways: a magnesium carbonate "fish" glaze, an ancient Japanese "raku" glaze, or a high zinc "crystal" glaze. The end result is a lively work of art that expresses color, texture and movement.

  • Measures 6"h × 13"w × 3½"d
  • Easily mounts on the wall
  • Item #57936

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About the artist:
When Alan was five, he caught a bluegill. He thought it was so beautiful that he kept it in his pocket where his mother found it several days later when she did the laundry. When Rosemary was little, she spent many happy hours fishing with her grandmother in Smithfield, Maine. It was a big deal when she caught a fish. Rosemary is happiest swimming or snorkeling. She has a B.A.E. from Ohio State University. Alan and Rosemary met at OSU in 1980. He worked as a designer and technical consultant for El Palomar Ceramics in Talaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico. They started this business together in Bath, New York, and have been full time clay artists since 1990.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.