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Bud Vase


One-of-a-kind stoneware sculptures by Justine Ferreri. Each piece is full of fun to lift the spirits, and even includes 14 karat gold accents!

  • Measures 6¼"h × 3"w × 3"d
  • Item #55538

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About the artist:
Born in Arumagawa, Japan, Justine Ferreri grew up all over the United States. She has studied art mostly in the performing fields of ballet and modern dance, guitar, and musical theater. Sculpture, as she says, fell into her lap by accident. Her and her husband were in the hotel and restaurant business and she was decorating their restaurant in Wilmington, North Carolina named Justines. As the theme was an Italian festival, she decided to make full-scale papier' mache people eating and sitting in the restaurant. From those first pieces she was offered several commissions and then a local gallery asked her to exhibit. She later evolved into using polymer clay and finally to ceramic. Her works reflect her life, from Japanese culture, carnivals at the boardwalk, and from her time dancing.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.