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"Love Lake" #176


Created by Houston Llew, every Spiritile is handcrafted in Atlanta, Georgia from American made copper, glass and wood. They make the perfect gift for life’s special moments and can be enjoyed anywhere, even in sunny or humid places where other treasures may wilt. Spiritiles can be easily wall mounted or kept free standing and are even happier when grouped together.

This Spiritile is retired. Every so often Spiritiles are retired to make room for newer designs, making them quite collectible and hard to acquire once retired.

  • Quote on the Spiritile: "one's not half two. It's two are halves of one:" - e.e. cummings
  • Measures 8.5"h × 5.25"w × 1.75"d
  • Includes original Spiritile box

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About the artist:
Houston Llew was seven the first time he got lost in the art world.  A boy gone missing at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, he was found quietly sketching Botticelli’s ‘Annunciation’ in a notepad. In later years, he shared the same quiet moments in Holland with Van Gogh and with da Vinci at the Louvre. After graduating from Auburn University, Houston worked in the seaport of Savannah then moved along the Gulf Coast where he kept books for a living and cast netted to keep his sanity. While journeying westward to Santa Fe, Houston met the artist Zingaro, a master enamellist and heir to the revolutionary enameling techniques of Craig Ruwe and Fred Ball. Zingaro shared with Houston the precious gift, the luminous medium of glass fired on copper. Houston now lives in the West End district of Atlanta where he and his artists listen to music while creating the fabulous art of Spiritiles. Age-old and not so age-old sayings of wit and wisdom are presented along with brilliant images created by fusing finely-powdered colored glass to sheet copper in a 1500° F kiln. The resulting copper “canvas” is painstakingly wrapped around a solid wood block then sealed on the back. The inscriptions are presented on the sides of the block, the author identified on the top.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.

Visit www.houstonllew.com to view all current and retired tiles!