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Invented by T. Oliver Kopian, Rubber Plush™ is a patented material that allows the formation of colorful, very animated features on his critters while, at the same time being rugged and kid-friendly.

  • Measures 18 "h × 7 ¼"w × 12"d

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About the artist:
T. Oliver Kopian has been creating creatures of all types for as long as he can remember.  As a teenager, at Halloween he would turn his parents’ suburban New York home into what Newsday dubbed "The House That Ate the Suburbs!" Kopian invented Rubber Plush™, the patented material his Creatures of Delight are made from, while still living in his parents’ basement. Over the years T. Oliver has developed an amazing zoo full of animals including dogs, cats, dinosaurs, birds, fish … even clouds with personalities! The grins and buggy eyes characteristic of most of his designs bring smiles and a bit of wonder to his audience which ranges from toddlers to grandparents. A great addition to any home.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.