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"Blue Dog" Bamboo Print


Noelle Dass originally studied classical oil painting and her original dream was to paint like the Old Masters. She achieved success in this genre, however, Noelle’s offbeat sense of humor and love for all things quirky came through her art strong and was not to be stifled. As time went on and Noelle “matured” her work evolved into her own unique whimsical style.

Each image is applied to a bamboo block, varnished with UV resistant finish, hand titled and signed by the artist in gold ink.

  • Measures 7"h × 5½"w × ¾"d

  • Item #51929

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About the artist:
Noelle has been creating art since she was a child. Paper and pencil were always readily handy, so she used them to entertain herself by bringing her into an imaginary world of happiness, filled with animal critters and companionship. Throughout school and later college, she filled the margins of her school papers with doodles. Luckily the teachers never made her stop. Taking college classes dedicated entirely to art was a dream come true for Noelle. After several years of studying design, color theory, composition and classical realism, she began painting my doodles. This is how "Artimals," Noelle's whimsical animal and nature themed paintings, were born.

Hand-crafted in the U.S.A.