Smith & York


About the artist

Why just water your garden when you can create an enchanting water sculpture with the original copper Garden Sculpture Sprinklers from Smith & York? Each piece, hand sculpted in the USA of solid copper is personally signed by the artist, Cyr Smith. Best known for his oil paintings, Cyr uses a very simple approach, an influence gained from living in Japan in his youth. John Smith, Cyr's brother, a former civil engineer, now expresses his artistic abilities in the design of the garden sculpture sprinklers.

The brothers say these hand-made sculptures are a natural extension of their artistic abilities and love of the intricate beauty of gardens and landscapes. As the sprinkler head spins, it forms an elegant water dance while bathing your flowerbeds gently and consistently, like the rain. In addition, several pieces feature tiny glass beads to catch the sunlight and enhance the rainbow of colors created by the mixture of sun and water.

What makes these sprinklers unique is that they remain beautiful even when they are not in use. Though attempts at copies have been made, the quality, durability and beauty of the original Smith & York Garden Sculpture Sprinklers remains unequaled. Your garden deserves the best!

All sculptures include a 30" high single pole base and 3-prong ground spike with hose connection.