Jim Roark

1955 Ford panel truck


About the artist

1955 Ford Tbird / 1936 Opel truck

Jim Roark has always loved old cars and he was building them before he could read the plans. Fresh out of high school, Jim owned a 1930 Cadillac 4-door sedan, six thousand pounds of glorious metal! His appreciation for vintage cars developed with a focus on the classics made during the '20s, '30s and '40s. Since he didn’t have enough money to own his own fleet he decided to build scale models of his favorites. He built them all bright, new and shiny, but one day he looked at a nearly finished 1950 Chevy Bullnose Pick-up Truck and began wondering what the truck would look like if it had spent the last 50 or so years abandoned in the Arizona desert. Thus began a 20-year exploration into aging techniques and the formation of a wonderful collection of “aged” vintage classics.

Most of Jim’s sculptures are 1/24 scale plastic models mounted on scenic display bases. Sand, stones, rotting trees and vegetation create settings that make wonderful Jim Roarkconversation pieces for the desk or collector’s shelf. You will see the dust, rust, oil stains, flat tires, dented and twisted bodies of what were once elegant machines, now laying wasted in some vacant lot, barn, junk yard or overgrown forest. Several of Jim’s vintage creations are on display and for sale at Creations. Take one home or have us ask the artist to create your very own “vintage” classic in whatever setting you can dream up.


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