Bob Murphy

Swedish door harp

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Bob became interested in woodworking early in life as a little kid making toys.  After a twenty-year successful career as a building contractor, Bob retired early to pursue his hobby of woodworking full time. His hobby became a thriving business when he began to produce door harps for fine craft galleries throughout the country.

The door harp originated in Scandanavia, primarily in Sweden and has evolved over at least three centuries. Some estimate these ornaments have been made for as long as 700 years, derived from a few styles of Chinese stringed instruments called the guqin and the ruan. Bob uses figured cherry and walnut for the door harp bodies and exotic woods for his inlayed styles.  His studio, located in Grass Valley, California, at an elevation of 3000', is named Moon Mountain Woods because of the inlaid scene on many of his harps showing a moon over mountain tops.


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